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Hey, I’m Eric

In 2009, I started VIP Marketing and Advertising, my integrated digital marketing and advertising agency. I've never looked back since.

Eric Elliott wanted to create a marketing agency that would be an advocate for the client. His chief concern is providing each client with the best resources and services for their marketing needs. As Chief Inspiration Officer, Eric prides himself on inspiring his clients and staff. He advises them to never stop growing and finding success. In fact, Eric tends to see clients more as business partners than normal clients. In this way, business owners don’t see VIP as their agency. Conversely, as a partner working toward joint success.

A History of Marketing Success in a Number of Industries

After over a decade of providing marketing services, Eric Elliott has gained a wealth of industry knowledge. No matter the industry, every marketing campaign can break down to three things: budget, media, and message. While helping a wide range of businesses, he has honed in on his main areas of expertise. Eric provides his services across the United States for businesses in the auto, legal, and healthcare marketing industries. As a result, his agency, VIP Marketing, partners with businesses to market to the right people and capture their attention. Eric and his team get results with premium video production, design, media planning, and buying. 

Dedicated to both the Creative and Strategic sides of Marketing Campaigns

As digital media has surpassed other media outlets, Eric Elliott continues to align his companies’ focus on what works.  Every business deserves Very Important Placement, and through VIP Marketing, Eric provides just that. After all, what good is a message if it reaches the wrong audience?

In many ways, a message’s vendor is just as important as the message itself. If you aren’t expressly targeting the right audience, your message is pretty much useless. Above all, Eric works closely with business owners to find their right audience. At the same time, Eric will discuss results and the best ways to optimize throughout.

Building a Successful Creative Team

In 2015, Eric saw the need for providing creative services to businesses. Many local and regional advertisers had a singular problem. In general, they felt they couldn’t achieve a premium creative product if they didn’t have big market budgets. Thus, Craft Creative was formed. Craft Creative is a full-time video production and creative agency serving the entire United States. In addition, Craft Creative is a full-service video production company in Charleston, SC. Our video production team has partnered with regional and national brands as their full video production crew. 

Craft Creative’s video production crew and creative team is trusted by national brands. For example, some of these brands include Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, and Anheuser Busch. Craft’s video production crew has created premium video and graphics for a number of different industries. To summarize, Eric Elliott and the Craft Creative team have developed a range of expertise. Chiefly, they specialize in the law firm, auto dealer, and healthcare industries. With Eric’s vision, the Craft Creative team continues to hone their skills. Notably, the team has widened their areas of expertise to include animated videos, web design, and motion graphics. 

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