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Businesses have different ways of motivating employees. The most popular being awarding good performance. Unfortunately, some people don't have a competitive streak in them. Fighting for the top positions is not in their personality. They are comfortable with what they

Eric Elliott of VIP Marketing sits down with George Sink of George Sink P.A. Injury Lawyers to talk the man behind the 9s, where he came from, his success, and advice for people aspiring to become an attorney. Get to Know “The All 9s” Guy George Sink

Attorney Ken Harrell joins Eric Elliott on The AdCast. In part 1 of The AdCast with Attorney Ken Harrell of the Joye Law Firm, we discuss marketing and advertising for personal injury law firms, what’s made it different, what makes it difficult, how it is today, and most importantly, why

As the world is battling the dangerous Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are struggling to stay afloat. With the demand for many services dwindling, how should you approach your marketing campaign? Marketing during a health crisis is tough. The economic downturn is making